Monomethyl Hydrazine (MMH)

Monomethyl hydrazine (CH3NHNH2) is a clear, colorless, hygroscopic liquid. It has an odor typical of relatively short-chain organic amines. Monomethyl hydrazine is miscible with water, hydrazine, hydrazine derivatives, amines and lower weight monohydric alcohols. It is soluble in hydrocarbons.

Monomethyl hydrazine is a mildly alkaline base and a very strong reducing agent. Its high chemical reactivity, easily controlled functionality and strong hydrogen bonding are its most useful properties.

Specifications and physical properties for monomethyl hydrazine are given below. In addition, monomethyl hydrazine meets all requirements for the latest revision of Military Specification MIL-P-27404.

MMH Specifications
Component(% by Weight)
Monomethly Hydrazine, min98.0
Water, max2.0

MMH Typical Physical Properties
Density@ 25°C (g/ml)0.874
@ 25°F (lb/gal)7.413
Viscosity@ 20°C (cp)0.855
Boiling Point@ 760 mm Hg (°C)87.5
@ 760 mm Hg (°F)189.5
Freezing Point(°C)-52.4
Flash PointCOC (°C)21.1
COC (°F)70.0
Flamable Limits in Air(% by vol)2.5-98

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