A History of Innovation and Excellence

In 1953, Arch pioneered U.S. production of hydrazine to fuel the first Titan rocket. In the more than sixty years since that first flight into space there have been countless new applications for this versatile chemical. Used directly, it is an oxygen scavenger and energy source. Used as an intermediate, it is essential to the production of a number of important chemicals and polymers. Arch operates an ISO 9001-certified hydrazine plant near Lake Charles, LA. In addition we have a long term partnership with another hydrazine producer for supply of hydrazine solutions to the United States and other parts of the world. We keep a large inventory of product at our plant and operate a blending facility at our Lake Charles plant. We can quickly meet our customers’ demands for any special hydrazine solution blend.

All of our products are for the world marketplace - and not for captive use - our customers know that the hydrazine they need will be available, when and where they need it.

An Unparalleled Line for a Myriad of Uses
Hydrazine Hydrates
Hydrazine derivatives are used in the manufacture of herbicides and fungicides, as well as plant growth regulators. From tranquilizers to the primary drug for control of tuberculosis, hydrazine derivatives have proven to be effective ingredients for a number of pharmaceuticals.

Used as an oxygen scavenger in boiler water, Scav-Ox® 35% hydrazine solution reduces oxidation in both low and high pressure steam systems. In fact, hydrazine is the best material that can be used for protection against oxidation in super critical boilers operating at pressures up to 3500 psi. Currently, the plastics industry uses hydrazine derivatives in the creation of blowing agents and polymerization initiators. Use of these derivatives is also being investigated for the formulation of polymers.

Hydrazine Propellants
Hydrazine is a major fuel component for the Titan family of Expendable Launch Vehicles (ELV). When an oxidizer and hydrazine are mixed, spontaneous combustion occurs. Satellites and other space craft use Ultra Pure™ hydrazine monopropellant for guidance once in orbit.